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Which career should you follow?

Did you believe that the work of any office does not suit you? There are instances when you think that you are designed for something else? Are you dreaming to discover the job that actually suits you but you don't know by which course to look to? If all that has been bothering you for long, just spend some time and learn which the right work is for you.

If you are a dynamic person and the inactive company job is intolerable there is only one way to tolerate it only if you've a… Continue

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Capnography: The "Other" Vital Sign...

For many years taking your patients vital has been a standard of practice in all areas of healthcare, from pre-hospital to extended care, and everywhere in between. In today’s world of advanced medical education and technology a new vital sign is gaining popularity in patient care settings. Capnography…

In earlier years capnography was widely misunderstood by healthcare workers. It was believed by many that capnography was intended to estimate their patients’ PaCO2.…

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Capnography - The "Other" Vital Sign (Part-1)

Capnography refers to the amount and concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) measured in exhaled gas. But to understand capnography you must first understand that oxygenation and ventilation are two entirely different parameters. While it’s true that they are both related to the respiratory system the two parameters are not related, nor is one affected by the other because they are referring to two very different mechanisms. Oxygenation refers to the amount of oxygen… Continue

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