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December 2009 Blog Posts (6)

Capnography - The "Other" Vital Sign (Part-1)

Capnography refers to the amount and concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) measured in exhaled gas. But to understand capnography you must first understand that oxygenation and ventilation are two entirely different parameters. While it’s true that they are both related to the respiratory system the two parameters are not related, nor is one affected by the other because they are referring to two very different mechanisms. Oxygenation refers to the amount of oxygen… Continue

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Legionniare Disease

I'm doing a project for my mechanical ventilation class on Legionnaire diease. i was wondering if anyone has come across this diease and the patient needed to be placed on a vent? What type of setting would be used for a patient like this?

Thank you

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The Battle of the Blood Vessel

Arterial Line Placement

The Battle of the Blood Vessel

Here’s the situation. You’re on duty, assigned to cover the surgery suites. You’re called to the pre-op area and asked to place an A-Line in a patient, who is a known vascularpath, going in for something like a carotid endarterectomy, or a femoral bypass. You put a pressure line together, you break out a sterile field with precision that would make the “Surgeon General” Bow to your presence, and you inject your patient with… Continue

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Hail to the Duck - A Little Senseless Babbling...

I recently answered a question from another blog site about a favorite movie quote. That was an easy one. The quote was from a 1978 movie called Convoy, in which actor Kris Kristofferson played a truck driver nick-named ‘the Rubber Duck’. He was asked why the Rubber Duck. His answer was something like “well, my daddy always told me to be like a duck. Stay smooth on the surface, and paddle like the devil underneath”. I never forgot that, and I almost live by that to this very day. Here’s an… Continue

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Welcome Post - About Me

My name is John D’Urbano but everyone calls me J.D.. I’ve been a Respiratory Therapist in the Phoenix area since 1992. I’ve spent the first half of my career at a top teaching hospital specializing in Emergency Medicine / Level-1 Trauma, with a strong interest in critical burn injuries. Currently I am working as a Cardiovascular Respiratory Therapist in a very unique program in one of Arizona’s leading healthcare networks. Between these two facilities I’ve been afforded medical education and… Continue

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best mode for ventilation?????????

plz give some new,different ideas.i think almost all RTs should participate in it.come with some different ideas.

Added by GHALIB NAWAZ on December 11, 2009 at 1:12am — 3 Comments


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